Potential users or distributors of Universal Health Solutions devices should receive proper training. Universal Health Solutions offers free on-line training allowing a user or distributor to become certified as a technician. Part of this training involves reminding users and distributors of the following of the importance of seeking qualified medical advice when attempting to diagnose or treat any illness or condition. To receive training, you must specifically agree to the following:

I agree that unless I am a licensed healthcare practitioner, I will use the Max Pulse for informational and/or sales purposes only; I will not attempt to diagnose or imply a diagnosis of any disease or illness, nor suggest or prescribe a course of treatment or a cure for any disease or illness. Only a licensed healthcare practitioner can make those judgments.

I further agree that I will not make any express or implied representations that my training in the use of this device authorizes me to act or hold myself out as a licensed healthcare practitioner in any fashion.

I further agree that if I perform any act in violation of these terms, Universal Health Solutions may invalidate my certification as an MPT for the device. I further agree that if I perform any act that harms or causes damages to the Universal Health Solutions, I will be held liable and will indemnify Universal Health Solutions for those damages.

I agree

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