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Healthcare costs are growing exponentially due to uncontrolled insurance costs, lack of preventative health solutions, and the rise of chronic diseases. In fact, heart disease takes the lives of nearly one in three Americans and is the leading cause of death among adults in the world today. Unfortunately, there is no affordable, systematic method of measuring and preventively treating heart disease in the market today. There is not a company out there providing a systematic approach to heart disease prevention.

UHS has created such a system. Our system is affordable, works with or without a doctor, and is proven to prevent and even reverse heart disease. Because UHS emphasizes preventative healthcare solutions and addresses the massive need in preventative care in the market today, our investors can be a part of a growing business sector. Our products and systems are designed to provide value to healthcare professionals and individual consumers alike. Value for money is the key to any successful business.

UHS has products and operations in multiple countries, including offices in Canada and USA with satellite offices in Finland, and eventually Brazil.

UHS has the exclusive marketing rights in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to a specific FDA approved, Class II medical device. Our medical devices are sold to healthcare providers of all modalities. When healthcare professionals incorporate our devices into their practice(s) they experience significant growth in their patient base and are able to dramatically add additional revenue streams to their bottom-line.

In addition, UHS also markets a home-based health screening device for individual use. We have the exclusive rights for this device for North, Central and South Americas and parts of Europe.

In conjunction with our devices, UHS makes available a nutritional supplement that is based on Nobel Prize Winning science proven to improve arterial flexibility and blood pressure in over 90% of its users. It is an L-Arginine complex powder, researched and developed by one of the world’s leading NSF, GMP certified nutritional supplement manufacturer with over 40 years of manufacturing and product development experience.

The effectiveness of this product is proven by our screening devices. As the patients see increased arterial flexibility, normalized blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels all within 45 days, they become long-term consumers of L-Arginine creating an ever increasing recurring income stream to the company.

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