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Universal Health Solutions, Inc. (Ticker Symbol - UHS) is a system that is affordable, works with or without a doctor, and is proven to prevent and even reverse heart disease, with the regular non-invasive measurements of the elasticity of one’s arteries. UHS has the exclusive marketing rights to an FDA approved; Class 2 Medical Device that noninvasively measures one’s arterial elasticity. Conventional methods of measuring blood pressure are also used. The combination of atherosclerosis (arterial hardening) and high blood pressure are the makers of this silent killer.

Clinical studies have created a “norm” for each age group so that an individual can quickly see if they are headed down a dangerous path and begin to make changes in their lifestyle to achieve improvement. Changing one’s behavior is the bottleneck for heart disease prevention today. Doctors can tell a patient they have borderline to high blood pressure and recommend lifestyle changes to make improvements. But in today’s fast paced society people rarely succeed in making the changes permanently.

UHS markets a nutritional supplement that is based on Nobel Prize Winning science that is proven to improve arterial flexibility and lower blood pressure in over 90% of its users. It is an L-Arginine complex powder and is easy to consume because of its portable packaging. It can be added to any bottle of drinking water while on the go. It is affordable, costing less than $2 per day for the consumer. Customers are encouraged to enroll in auto-shipments so they never run out of the product and do not have to go to the store to buy it.

The effectiveness of L-Arginine complex is proven by the Max-Pulse and uBioMacPa medical devices, which will be available at their doctor’s office, local gyms or can be purchased for in home use. When the patients see that within 30 days of taking the supplement their arteries have become more flexible and their blood pressure has dropped, they remain on the auto-shipments indefinitely.



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